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Readying enterprise for the cloud era

Readying enterprise for the cloud era

The capabilities of technology are awe-inspiring, but the rapid pace of digital transformation can have negative implications. Enterprises often scramble to reinvent their systems to keep up with the latest standards and innovations. While keeping systems up to date is critical, constant upgrades can result in a short shelf-life for many applications and create a prohibitive amount of technical debt.

Enterprises are often tethered to their legacy systems, unable to contend with technological disruption. The traditional “lift-and-shift” approach is obsolete. It isn’t enough to simply uproot enterprise applications from their existing environments and superimpose them over new systems — dependencies and the long-term impact must be considered.

Application modernization must now follow a grounds-up approach, one that anticipates these dependencies. Additionally, the process of modernization must help applications work natively in the new environment, and not create a friction that hinders efficiency.

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