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The Future of Digital Banking

The Future of Digital Banking

Banking and financial services

Banking has transformed due to the massive impact of technology post pandemic with sudden shift in work and work environments. Banks have to be on the forefront of a continuously changing digital experience, to not just capture but also retain customers. This technological impact is only expected to continue, and in this article Zensar’s Banking experts analyze the key emerging trends that will shape ‘the future of digital banking’:

  • The new standard for banking operations
  • Branchless and next-gen banking
  • Hyper-personalized customer solutions
  • Fintech and tech giants – competition and collaboration
  • Fintech-as-a-service and Banking-as-a-service
  • Artificial intelligence and Data Science

This article also presents Zensar’s viewpoint on the future of retail banking from the perspective of all key stakeholders- customer, FinTechs and tech-giants, and regulators.

Banking and financial services

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