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AI for code - the next big milestone in digital business

AI for code - the next big milestone in digital business

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The modern enterprise is built on the backbone of digital innovation, continually pivoting towards new areas and practices. Powering this entire framework is a robust and intricate application landscape, designed to delight both internal and external users. In fact, the number of applications deployed by large firms globally has increased by 68% in the last four years.

With the global technology landscape changing so rapidly, however, traditional application development models cannot keep up. Not only do they require an extremely high degree of manual intervention, the level of security and testing coverage frequently falls short. This results in sub-par application performance, reducing productivity and agility for the enterprise. That’s why the rising trend of artificial intelligence (AI) in application development is so vital. Powered by AI for code, developers, application owners, and business leaders can achieve high performance and enterprise agility like never before

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