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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure brochure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure brochure

Businesses today, are dynamic and digital. The pace of change is accelerating across industries, driven by new technological developments such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, usage of digital platforms, and mobile apps. Many organizations are now considering moving their ERP to the Cloud, since their on-premises systems are outdated, or environment support is nearing expiry. To enable business continuity, and to mitigate the operational risk, cloud adoption is the need of hour.

This cloud adoption is a big benefit in the fight against the pandemic as it improves the ability of an organization to adopt subscription based model instead of depreciating investments in datacenter, hardware and annual maintenance. For instance, amidst the lockdown in several parts of the world, there is a surge in the need of scalable and secured cloud infrastructures to manage communication and collaboration platforms especially in MedTech, Finance and Retail Industry. In the new normal world, maintaining one’s own on-premises data center is going to be even more expensive.

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