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Achieving peak velocity with Guidewire

Achieving peak velocity with Guidewire


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As insurance organizations plan their cloud migration and modernization journey, their systems could be in one of the below scenarios:

  • Deployed Guidewire but not the modern version
  • Deployed Guidewire but supporting architecture is still on legacy systems
  • Guidewire is implemented, but some lines of business are still on legacy systems

At Zensar, we understand that modernizing core systems is more challenging than it sounds. After interacting with hundreds of insurers, we have understood that most face at least one of the challenges mentioned above, which inhibits them from achieving speed-to-market.

Zensar can help you migrate efficiently from on-premises systems to the cloud. We have years of experience in Guidewire and can deliver the right expertise, accelerators, and tools to enable a smooth transition.

Read the brochure to understand the benefits of partnering with Zensar in your cloud migration and modernization journey.

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