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Zensar High Velocity Enterprise Model

Zensar High Velocity Enterprise Model

Prameela Kalive

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How is Zensar driving High Velocity Enterprise™ to support clients?

Businesses today face stiff competition from nimble rivals to meet consumer demand for more reliable, faster, and increased customized experiences across channels. Simultaneously, pressure mounts from business partners and investors to deliver business value through experience strategy and design, experience engineering, and experience marketing.

In the meantime, the traditional solution model of buy-and-use is moving to a subscription-based “everything-as-a-service” where customers and companies pay to utilize services. All of these developments are embedded in the transformative force of emerging technology. As a result, they pose profound challenges to current operating and business models.

To overcome these challenges, organizational redesign should be the motto of every CIO. However, as CIOs realize the pressing need for organizational design, most attempts at scaling digital business designs fail because the organization cannot successfully modify its operating and business models to support its strategy.

To make their digital transformation efforts flourish, large organizations should reorient themselves into a more product-based structure that is developed around customer issues. Organizations have to enhance their agility, speed, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness to unprecedented heights. In short, they need to become a “High-Velocity Enterprise™” Becoming a High-Velocity Enterprise™ demands sweeping change across people, processes, and technology. But at its heart lies a reinvention of the role played by integration teams. These teams must meet the demand where it is — in business units where sophisticated system integration is the greatest.

This shift to a product-centric approach is especially necessary for large organizations in today’s on-demand digital economy. A Gartner survey reports that 32% of CIOs and product managers recognize a need to deliver solutions more quickly. This need is the driving force of the adoption of the product-centric approach. Currently, businesses employ a two-speed architecture to provide the functionality they envision for their digital enterprise in order to become product-centric. The two-speed architecture is an IT approach that implements a slow, contract-focused legacy backend coupled with a lightning-quick customer-centric front end. For deployment procedures and software release cycles, the front end should be highly flexible and modular to swiftly deploy new software.

The Zensar High Velocity Enterprise™ Model

To maximize agility and reduce time to value, departments in a business must address local integration challenges themselves without depending on a centralized team of experts. The Zensar High Velocity Enterprise™ model helps companies overcome these challenges by implementing a blended, multi-speed architecture of varying delivery approaches and technology layers. This model improves business processes from decades-old legacy systems to modern, quickly evolving digital applications and is built on a solid foundation that:

Helps organizations focus on the agility needed to meet the continuously evolving needs of customers.

Promotes the acceleration of business processes through new execution models such as virtual PODs, “as-a-service,” and outcome-based KPIs.

Delivers business impact to the customer through expert teams, which are based on our unique talent model.

Transforming into a high-velocity enterprise is possible by integrating teams with new, exceptional delivery models. These models lay the foundation for an enterprise’s architecture and form a solid bedrock for a high-velocity business.

Digital Engineering Services by Expert Teams

The digital engineering services by the expert teams are reliant on their composition and are built of multi-skilled resources. They take a product engineering approach, where companies are made cloud-native with automation in every operational layer

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To envision the results, imagine an enterprise framework that produces everything more quickly; implements a new feature with quick turnaround; customizes solutions for clients existing customers in real-time. The Zensar High Velocity Enterprise™ design helps companies achieve this high velocity through unprecedented execution models, a unique product engineering approach, and expert teams.

Advanced Engineering Services

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