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Why eCommerce is failing the planet and what we can do about it
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Why eCommerce is failing the planet and what we can do about it

News | 15 Aug 2022

George Inannou is the Managing Partner at Foolproof, an experience design company. They work with global brands such as, The White Company, Shell, Suzuki, Post Office and Sony PlayStation. George has worked in a variety of sectors including, retail, apparel, financial, FMCG, luxury, travel and more over the past 20 years!  

In this podcast, George shares how he found his passion for eCommerce. Most importantly, he tells us why eCommerce is failing the planet at an alarming rate. Does this responsibility lie with the business or the consumer? Listen to find out who.  

He chats about the negative impact and wins of next day delivery and how businesses can reduce the amount of returns they get. Tune in to find out the future of sustainability and one thing you can do right now to reduce your carbon footprint.  

If you are an eCommerce business wanting to become more sustainable, this podcast is for you. 

Listen here 


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