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 Automate every process with Zensar and Automation Anywhere
automation anywhere

Automate every process with Zensar and Automation Anywhere

Enterprises compete in a fast-paced world. They must look beyond automating repetitive tasks for achieving enterprise velocity. Zensar and Automation Anywhere can help businesses achieve advanced productivity and efficiency levels and enhance employee and customer experience. Our capabilities reduce costs and boost innovation by unlocking cognitive and intelligent automation.

Zensar and Automation Anywhere

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Partner-specific solutions

Partner-specific solutions

Our intelligent process automation with Automation Anywhere brings a unique consolidation of our in-depth understanding of Complex business processes across industries with in-house accelerators and cloud-native intelligent automation solutions. Our solution efficiently handles tasks with decision-making abilities, enabling organizations to realign their human capital for strategic initiatives.

Automation assessment and business case

Democratize the automation opportunity assessment and prioritization of automation business cases.

Automation lifecycle assets

Tap all the assets required during an automation lifecycle implementation with ample support and management.

FNOL bot

Streamline data intake with bots to set up a claim in an insurer's proprietary claims system using Guidewire.


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